Turkish arab countries business association has started its way believing that the businessmen can reach their goals and desires. it also beliefs that it can implement the ideas of the proposed projects and apply them into the practical reality, And started implementing its achievements based on the construction of the Turkish-Arab Economic Bridge. While our country occupies an important and suitable location for economic and commercial projects which are important for the Turkish and Arabic businessmen.

In the recent years, with the increasing number of those who are interested in in Turkey from the Arabic countries, Turkey has become the appropriate and the desired destination For the establishment and implementation of commercial and industrial projects, We are at the head of our tasks and are fully aware of the positive atmosphere and we will evaluate and exploit these atmospheres. For countries to improve their economies on this day, they must form economic associations.

Turkish and Arab relations link initiatives that go back to 500 years, common cultures and economic ties. This will create a great cooperation between Turkish and Arabic countries. We are fully aware of the daily developments, and we have to build great cooperative relationships, therefore, a Turkish-Arabic common market must be established. The Arab-Turkish cooperation countries must utilize and manage the available technical and economic capabilities that are available. While the big job will fall on us and we as an association will build a bridge between these economic associations.

The characteristics that will be applied are in the following forms:

  • Strengthening the dialogue between heads of Turkish and Arabic missions.
  • Strengthening and gathering the chambers of commerce and industry for both the Turkish and Arabic countries under one roof.
  • Disclosing the dialogues and actions of medium and small companies and directing these dialogues towards the most appropriate projects.
  • Disclosing strategic industrial projects and identifying small and medium projects.

It is certain that when we establish a mutual Turkish-Arabic force, we will establish then a big economic force in the world, and when the international countries receive an economic support from this force, the medium and small projects then gain profits. With the support of the Turkish-Arab countries business  Association, we established the TA Group so that we can gather our projects and objectives under one roof. We have collected all of the Turab exhibits, Virtual Exhibition, law Consultancy Services, Project Services, Investments, finance,  tourism and therapeutic services, agricultural and food investment services, Turkish Arabic  broadcast channel, under the roof of the Turkish ararbic countries business association

Our aim is to build strong economic and cooperative relations between the TA Group and between Turkish and Arab businessmen. We invite the Turkish and Arab institutions, especially the chambers of commerce, to work together within the objectives of the association

We will continue to move towards the goal of establishing a Turkish-Arabic co-operation market that serves the interests of all the Turkish and Arabic countries, We thank the official and civil institutions and organizations, and all those who have contributed to this day so farWe will continue to pursue our goals with determination and a stronger will.