The Importance of Stimulating Customs Clearance System to Support Economic Relations between Turkish and Arab Companies

On the 13th Turkish-Arab Economic Cooperation Summit in Istanbul, the Arab customs clearance meeting was held.

The meeting stressed out the importance of the role of the system in supporting Arab and Turkish businessmen and companies, as well as the role of the members of the system for overcoming the difficulties faced by the owners of companies through securing the easiest and best shipping methods for each country.

Mr. Subuhi Attar, the Chairman of Turkish-Arab Countries Business Association in Turkey stressed out the need to complete the system in order to include all the Turkish and Arab countries. In addition, he also claimed the importance of activating of the role of members of the system to be the linking bridge between the Turkish and Arab companies.

The meeting was attended by:

  1. Mr. Sobhhi Attar, the President, Turkey.
  2. Mr. Mohammad Mahdi Idris, Export Manager of Nav Marin Company, Turkey.
  3. Mr. Rajeh Salem Al-Omari, Director of Abr Al-Alam for Shipping Services, Sultanate of Oman.
  4. Mr. Shalaby Abdel Razak, Director of Rimarin Company for Import & Export, Egypt.
  5. Mr. Ali Saleh Al-Karbi, Director of Al-Shahab Company for Trade and Services, Qatar.
  6. Mr. Abdul Wahad Qarata, Director of Al-Baraka Company for Clearance, Bahrain.
  7. Mr. Mohamed Al Natour, Director of Mohammed Al Natour wa Awladih Company for Customs Clearance, Jordan.
  8. Mr. Hossam Haniya, Director of Jordan Transit Company, Jordan.
  9. Mr. Faisal Saeed Al Abdali, Director of Al Abdali Office, Saudi.
  10. Mr. Fadi Yazji, Supervisor of International Relations in of Turkish-Arab Countries Business Association Group, Turkey.

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