Turkish-Arab Economic Cooperation Summit opening in Istanbul

The Turkish-Arab Economic Cooperation Summit for food, agriculture and Hotel Supplies, has been opened in Istanbul, in the 1st of May.
The opening ceremony was attended by a big number of Turkish and Arabic businessmen. It was covered by several different media.
The Sudanese Ambassador (Youssef Qardafani) has mentioned during this summit, in one of his declarations, that the establishment of this summit is a good opportunity for the Arabic brothers, in order to discuss the aspects of cooperation, and the commercial partnership. Especially in agriculture and the food industries, which are very important for the Arabic and Turkish countries.
The Sudanese ambassador has praised the organizers of this exhibition, especially the president (Sabouhi Attar), and the sponsors of the Turkish businessmen, governmental institutions and the private sector. This is a good opportunity for all of the Arabic countries, and there are papers that will be presented, where all of them contribute to strengthen this partnership.
According to the head of the delegation of the Commercial Chambers in Jordan, (Mohammed Al-Shuha,) he has said that: he had participated in most of the exhibitions, and this is a good opportunity to see all of the new technologies in these exhibitions.
He also added: “I am always looking forward to seeing these exhibitions, in order to discover the latest Technologies, which have been reached to.
Al-Shuha said that: he worked in several fields, like the solar energy and the cosmetics. He also added, I have been dealing with the most luxurious factories in Istanbul, and I am now their agent in Jordan.

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