The Meeting of 1200 Businessmen from 20 Arabic Countries with 200 Turkish Companies in the 11th Turkish-Arab Economic Cooperation Summit in Istanbul

In cooperation with the Turkish Economic Ministry, along with the presence of the Ministries of Economy, Industry, Agriculture, Livestock in Turkey, the participation of investment bodies, chambers of commerce , industry, unions, Trade unions and the specialized associations in Turkish and Arabic countries, the event of the “Turkish-Arab Economic Cooperation summit for Food, Agriculture and Hotel supplies” has got started, which included (the fifth Turkish Arabic forum for food and food technologies – the Third Turkish Arabic Forum for Agriculture and Agricultural Technologies – the Second Turkish Arabic Forum for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Bakeries supplies along with Hotels Technologies ) In 2 May 2018, In (Pullman Convention Center) Istanbul – Turkey. TURAB EXPO Company for exhibitions Organization, has organized this summit, with the support and sponsorship of the Turkish-Arab countries business Association.
Mr. Sabbouhi Attar, Chairman of the Turkish-Arab countries Business Association, said during the forum, that Turkey has get the chance to enter the Arabic markets, In the field of food, likely because of Turkey’s possession of Halal products, that are guaranteed more than the other countries. On the other hand, the Arabic countries are connected in the same fields with the outside countries.
He also said: “When a brand manufactures high quality products, we will always be at the forefront then”, because no one can market or import food products from unlimited countries. This summit will have the significant contributions to raise the value of trade. ”
The Directorate of Agriculture in Istanbul, the Union of Turkish commercial Chambers and stock market, the Association of Industrialists and Independent Businessmen of Turkey / Musiyad, have also supported this summit as he mentioned.
He also explained that the aim of this summit is to contribute in strengthening the movement of the economies of Arabic and Turkish markets.
He also mentioned the supporting of the Ministry of Economy in Turkey, beside the Development Directorate of the Small and Medium Enterprises (koskep).
We can say that this summit is one of the largest Turkish Arabic meetings.

200 Turkish Companies Have Offered Their Products to 1,200 Arabic Businessmen

Attar also mentioned that Turab Expo for exhibitions organization, under the patronage of the Association of Turkish-Arab countries business association, have made Intensive efforts to establish such events, aimed to organize face-to-face meetings between specialists within specific areas.
This summit is the largest of its kind, as it is characterized by a large participation of the Arabic countries, including nearly 1200 Arabic businessmen and 200 Turkish companies that displayed their distinctive products.

“Cooperation Creates Mutual Business”

Mr. Ümit ÜLKÜ, chairman of the Association of Industrialists and Independent Businessmen of Turkey / MÜSİAD, Izmir branch, has said that if we united our efforts and employed them properly, we would stand with power before the world. As strong and distinguished Muslim businessmen, we will contribute in supporting the Islamic world, especially our countries.
Our country is ranked the first in food products, and if cooperation between Arabic countries and Turkey is available, then mutual works will be created, which will contribute to strengthen our economies. The exhibitor sections are very impressive. It draws attention in a deep way, where this is beautiful thing that indicates to a bright future, according to the Economic Relations.
We have deep and brotherly ties that have roots from long ago. I see this summit as a tool that links these bonds, strengthens them and increases their power. I hope that the support and development of these events will continue more and more.
I extend my thanks to all of those who are involved in the Turkish Arab countries Business Association for their outstanding work in this field and bringing together businessmen, exporters and importers at the same time in such an important event.

All Doors Are Open before Turkey

Mr. Omar Qablan, President of the Union of Honorary Consuls, and the Honorary Consul of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Izmir, emphasized the importance of this summit. He also said that it will contribute in opening a new horizon, for mutual business, and is crucial in strengthening the Economy of countries.
“If we give a helping hand and support, no one will dare to stand before us, and all of the doors will be open to us as well “. Qablan completed his speech saying that “I am thrilled and excited to see thousands of Arabic traders and Turkish companies, conducting their business meetings, with high levels at the same time.
This summit must be a model, intensive delegations from Arabic countries, Turkish-speaking countries, the Balkans, Europe, southern regions, Africa and America must come here too. “

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