The tenth session  of the Turkish – ARAB Economic Summit was officially opened in Istanbul – Pendik at the Green Park Hotel & Convention Center, the session included events of both of the 4th version of Constructions – Building Materials Technologies – Interior Design & Furniture Expo and the 1th  version of Real Estate – Projects – Investments – Finance Expo,  the summit was organized by TÜRAB EXPO Company with the support of TÜRAP (TURKISH – ARAB Countries Business Association) with the participation of more than 1000 Arab businessmen and more than 200 Turkish companies which are specialized in the summit’s scopes.

Dr. Hassan Ali Jalik The Deputy Minister of Science, Industry and Technology of Turkey delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the summit inviting Arab investors to come and invest in Turkey in all fields, he was quoted saying “ The Turkish Republic is considered as your home, whatever your investment type and field the Turkish Republic will always welcome them, and like your mother country we will always preserve your rights as required and stated by the official law of the country”

He also added ” We stand by investors from all countries and fully support  them, we give them all the available capabilities with us and guarantee all of their entitlements & benefits under the official laws of the country.

I wish and I want to join hands and stand together in one line to achieve scientific & diplomatic accomplishments, to raise the level of scientific concepts in our universities, and develop our scientific relations in order to become proportionate to the commercial and industrial events and promote their progress”

The opening ceremony was also attended by the following respectful speakers:

  • Sabouhi Attar President of Turkish – Arab Countries Business Association.
  • Mohammed Al-Kharabsheh Member of the Board of Directors of Jordan Chamber of Industry, Rep of the Construction Sector.
  • Mahmoud Asmala Deputy Chairman of the Association of Industrialists and Independent Businessmen (MÜSIAD) in Turkey.
  • Omit Ulko Chairman of the Board of Directors (MÜSIAD) Izmir Branch.
  • Ibrahim Calglar Chairman of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.
  • Yasser Bin Ibrahim Asa’ad Vice Chairman of the National Real Estate Committee in the Council of Saudi Chambers.

In the presence of the official figures and participants from Turkey and from Arab countries, the official opening ceremony of the exhibition was held. During the exhibition, dozens of agreements, deals and commercial partnerships between Arab and Turkish investors were signed in order to strengthen and stimulate economies in the participating countries in the summit.

Hidden efforts … trying to prevent investment in the Republic of Turkey

Mr. Omit Ulko, Chairman of the Board of Directors (MÜSIAD) Izmir Branch, said during the meeting that there are hidden efforts trying to prevent investments in Turkey

He was quoted saying “At our economic gatherings, we always welcome businessmen, investors from Arab countries. They do not see any kind of  hindrance or deviation in the Turkish economy or manifestations of terrorism as alleged by the hidden efforts. On the contrary, guests from Arab countries are staying in Turkey, one of the safest countries, and one of the best countries to set up businesses.

“Our goal is … Promotion of all Turkish and Arabic brands”

Mr. Sabouhi Attar, President of Turkish – Arab Countries Business Association assured during the meeting his keenness to strengthen the commercial relationship between Turkey and the Arab countries.

He was quoted saying  “We are always working with all of our efforts to develop the horizons of joint cooperation between Turkish and Arab companies. We promote all Turkish and Arab brands and therefore we always follow our work with specialists in all Arab countries. And the main objective of this summit is to increase the level of trade exchange between Turkish and Arab companies”


Quoted from Turkish newspaper “Hurriyat”

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