The Meeting of the Investment and Real Estate Development System

This Meeting that is related to Turab association was held among the activities of the Turkish-Arab Economic Cooperation summit for Food, Agriculture along with Hotels and Restaurants supplies. It was held in this period (from the 1st to the 4th) of May 2018, in Istanbul –Turkey.

During the meeting, the importance of the role of this system was emphasized in supporting and developing the economic, commercial and investment relations between the Arabic and Turkish companies.

Proposals and constructive ideas that would develop the work of the System were discussed as well, in order to play its role in an effective and optimal form, to protect the investors and investments in the countries of the system to achieve the fundamental goal of this system.

The meeting was attended by:

Mr. Sabbouhi Attar, Chairman of the Turkish Arab Countries Business Association (TURAP) – The Boss. Mr. Abdullah Aksh (The consultant of the President).Mr. Sadat Kotlo (The General Coordinator of the Systems in Turkey), and Mr. Talaat Ali (The General Coordinator of the Systems in the Arabic countries). The following members have also attended:

– Mr. Mohamed Mahmoud Shouk – Lebanon
– Mr. Marwan Gomaa – Palestine
– Mr. Mohamed Ramzi Zarrouk – Tunisia
–Mr. Abdul Hadi Najm Abboud – Iraq
– Mr. Mohamed Al-Jahimi – Libya
– Professor Hadboun Bayoud – Algeria
– Mr. Abdullah Abdullah – Somalia

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