Turkish Arab Countries Business Association, along with TA Group, aims to strengthen the trade between Turkey and the Arabic countries, through establishing of mutual Turkish Arabic specialized groups.
The Health Care Group is aiming to create an organized and reliable investment environment, in order to support the integration between Arabic and Turkish manufacturers, suppliers and importers.
This Group contains:

Kuwait -Kuwait
Dr. Mounira mansour
Jordan Amman
Dr. Abdeljalil salam
Iraq – Dohuk
Dr. Saad Soufi
Lebanon – Sidon
Dr. Mohamed Sayad
Jeddah – Saudi Arabia
Dr. Yahya Makhdoum
Jeddah – Saudi Arabia
Dr. Adel Makhdoum
Jeddah – Saudi Arabia
Dr. Abdallah Sohofi
Jeddah – Saudi Arabia
Dr. Asaad Alasaad
Libya, Tripoli
Dr. Mourad Bou Menjel
Palestine Jerusalem
Dr. Rami joba
Egypt Cairo
Dr. Mohamed Attia Rajab
Sudan – Khartoum
Dr. Nacer Abdelmajid Ramadhan
Morocco – Marrakech
Dr. Houda Miran