1. Working to support and strengthen the commercial and economic relations between the Turkish and Arabic countries that are existed in the structure of the association, by strengthening the brotherly ties between them.
  2. Strengthening the mutual cooperation for small and medium-sized projects and activating the mutual investment between the Turkish-Arab countries, besides, establishing a common free market.
  3. Cooperation in applying and expressing opinions in the commercial and economic business, in addition to financing the industrialists, who are existed in Turkey and the Arab countries.
  4. Communicating with social and industrial institutions and providing positive opportunities for its members in the fields of tourism, conferences tourism, investments tourism, health tourism, the tourism of people with autism, cultural tourism, educational tourism and other similar topics, along with providing communications for appropriate matters that relates to the purposes of the association.
  5. Working to ensure the development and strengthening the friendships that are based on the understanding basics and the common interests between industrialists in the Turkish and Arab countries along with its members.
  6. Working to make some researches that develop and enable the activities of the Association. We also organize educational activities, such as seminars, conferences, dialogues and discussions just to the aim of establishing mutual business between the Turkish and Arab industrialists.thre is also a cooperation which aims to develop the business.
  7. Working on the topics of the establishment of an agreement and cultural, social and industrial ideas. To achieve this, all information, documents, publications, establishment of a documentation center, an issuance of newspapers, magazines, books and leaflets are being done, in order to promote the work of the Assembly.
  8. Carrying out guiding work to enhance the economic competitive power of our country among the Arab economies and to produce goods and services that are suitable to the international standards.
  9. Working to strengthen the link between Turkish and Arab communities and seeking to approach them to each other more by presenting films and visual documents. We also work to make the places that are located in the Turkish and Arabic countries famous, such as natural, archaeological, tourist, cultural places, etc . We organize conferences, lectures, competitions, organizing festivals and opening exhibitions.