Name and location of the association


The center of the association is located in Izmir and its short name is TURAP.

The association can also open branches inside and outside the Republic of Turkey.

The purpose of the society and the topics and methods of business that will be pursued by the Association to achieve that end and the scope of its activities

Article 2 _ The Assembly was founded from the light and spirit of the speech of the great leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, “Peace in the homeland and peace in the world”, and also to carry out the work in support of the deep and continuous brotherly ties through people working in public and private institutions, And to promote social, cultural, commercial and tourist relations, including health tourism between the Arab and Turkish countries mentioned below with the State of the Republic of Turkey and covered by the principles of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey.

The business forms and topics to be run by the association

  1. Cooperation in applications and expression of opinion in the business and economic and financing of industrialists located in Turkey and the Arab countries.
  2. Communicate with social and industrial institutions and provide positive opportunities for its members in the fields of tourism, tourism conferences, tourism investments, health tourism, tourism of people with autism, ideological tourism, cultural tourism, educational tourism and other similar topics. .
  3. Work to ensure the development and strengthening of friendships based on the principles of mutual understanding and interests between industrialists in the Turkish and Arab countries and among its members.
  4. To carry out research to develop and enable the activities of the association and to organize educational activities such as seminars, conferences, dialogues and discussions with the aim of establishing joint business rituals between the Turkish and Arab industrialists, cooperation in business development, Through the development of the concept of tourism and social affairs among the members of the Association, and therefore work to the perspective of access to social development to the maximum extent.
  5. Work on the topics of the establishment of an agreement movement and cultural, social and industrial ideas. To this end, all information, documents, documents, publications, and the establishment of a documentation center will be provided.
  6. To carry out guidance and guidance work to strengthen the economic competitiveness of our country between the Arab economies and to produce goods and services appropriate to international standards.
  7. The establishment and implementation of academic projects in the fields of economic and tourism, including tourism conferences and tourism investments, cultural tourism, educational tourism and health tourism, these projects are priorities of the Turkish and Arab communities, and work to conduct research related to social issues and scientific tourism and archaeological tourism, And the formation of specialized committees.
  8. Working on the acquaintance and strengthening of the link between Turkish and Arab societies between each other and seek to approach them more by processing and presenting films and audio and visual documents.

It also works to define the places located in the Turkish and Arab countries, such as natural, archaeological, tourist, cultural, folkloric, etc., and to announce conferences, lectures, symposia, competitions, and obtaining approvals.

  1. To adapt, assist, monitor and care for the citizens of the Arab countries present in Turkey during their stay or during their tours of tourism or business, etc., as well as the same for Turkish citizens during their visit to the Arab countries.
  2. The Association organizes cultural, social, tourist and commercial activities in Turkey and the Arab countries are committed to the necessary legal procedures.
  3. Work on the establishment of courses and events, educational and scientific and technical and advisory activities and research and conferences and seminars between universities in the Turkish and Arab countries, and the implementation and application and organization, promotion and management of Arabic language courses in the Turkish state and Turkish language courses In the Arab countries and this is done with the approval of the concerned authorities.
  4. To identify members’ issues, economic relations between members are developed through regular tourism, health tourism and investment tourism. To revive this aim, social and cultural activities are organized, participation in all kinds of exhibitions and the creation of members to integrate into trade relations, Define organized exhibitions of members and, if necessary, participate in such exhibitions collectively.
  5. The Association shall cooperate with the civil institutions in international events to open its branches or representative people abroad. It may establish associations or a major organization abroad. It may also participate abroad in civil and information relations services. It also participates in organized exhibitions and the opening of associations.
  6. Permanent coordination with the communication bodies to communicate opinions and suggestions to the concerned and public opinion, and therefore it is necessary to take advantage of all media from radio, television, newspapers, publications, brochures, and public and private broadcasting stations.
  7. Cooperate with other associations in line with the same principles and work on recommending and encouraging the establishment of friendship societies in the Arab countries with the Association for the Joint Cooperation of the Arab-Turkish Countries.
  8. To enable members to conduct free (visa-free) tourism to the Arab States, interventions must be made in the places concerned or to try to persuade the concerned authorities to cancel the application of the visa applicable to the citizens of the Republic of Turkey from its associate members.
  9. Cooperation with official institutions such as chambers, stock exchanges, professional institutions, endowments, federations and similar institutions, and the establishment of public opinion on the topics in force.
  10. Acquiring suitable properties for the purposes of events and encumbered real estate and the rights of disposal, establishment and jaw in the affairs of immovable property.
  11. Aid and assistance may be received and delivered under the provisions of the covenant and by the laws of the collection of aid. It is permissible to accept the required and unconditional orders, establish a fund to provide the basic necessities of the members of the Association of food and clothing needs and meet the needs of their short-term credit cards and other property services.
  12. Conducting work related to the objectives and services of the Association.
  13. Opening and operating places to establish comprehensive procedures for the activities, and develop the Union and partnership between members and activities that belong to the goals of the Assembly and the benefit of members, provided that legal approvals.
  14. A decision of the committee based on the material resources of the Association grants scholarships to science students with limited financial conditions.
  15. Organizing and organizing public auctions, organizing seminars, conferences, educational and educational services, administrative services, sports and cultural services, entertainment services and publishing services such as magazines, books, newspapers, etc., and the production of video and radio programs.
  16. Opening branches and representative offices in the places where required.

Events of the Association:

The Association is able to conduct events both outside and inside the country within the scope of international cooperation.