Safe and Easy Real Estate Investment

On the 13th Turkish-Arab Economic Cooperation Summit in Istanbul, the Arab Investment and Real Estate Development meeting was held.

They discussed ways to develop the system and emphasized the joint and mutual cooperation in the field of investment and real estate development between the Arab and Turkish companies. Very specifically the latest developments regarding the Turkish nationality law in return of buying a real estate in Turkey.

For his part, Mr. Subuhi Atar stressed the ease and security of investment in Turkey, making it a favorite of Arabs and foreign investors. He also expressed his keenness to increase the membership of the group of 41 members to reach 100 members in the near future to cover all Arab and Turkish countries.

Professor Saoud Ismail stressed the keenness of the Turkish-Arab Business Group to secure the investment through our group and that anyone who deals with it will be legally protected with the best lawyers in Turkey and the Arab world.

The meeting was attended by:

  1. Mr. Subuhi Attar, Chairman of the Turkish-Arab Countries Business Association in Turkey.
  2. Sadat Kotlo, Vice President of the Turkish-Arab Business Cooperation Group, Turkey.
  3. Soad Ismail, Director of the Office of the question of legal rights for international legal and Commercial Consultancy, Turkey.
  4. Assisted Bougaraara, General Manager of Bougaraara Investment, Algeria.
  5. Mohamed Shouk, General Manager of Shouk Foundation for General Trading, Lebanon.
  6. Anan Rajoub, Director of Real Estate Investment Office, Palestine.
  7. Layth Shamsa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Labt Ashtar, Iraq.
  8. Marwan Gomaa, Director of Carthage Contracting Company, Palestine.
  9. Gamal Lababidi, Director of International Standards for Business Service, Jordan.
  10. Hadboun Bayoud, General Manager of Tidar Real Estate Development Company, Algeria.
  11. Abdullah Akash, Advisor and Chairman of the Turkish-Arab Business Cooperation Group, Turkey.
  12. Fadi Yazji, Supervisor of International Relations in of Turkish-Arab Countries Business Association Group, Turkey.

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