Leading Role of Rights Consultation System

On the 13th Turkish-Arab Economic Cooperation Summit in Istanbul, a meeting of the TURAP Rights Consultancy was held.

During the meeting, the importance of the role of the rights consultation system in supporting and developing the economic, trade and investment relations between the Arab and Turkish companies was discussed, as well as constructive proposals and ideas that would activate the role of the system in Arab and Turkish forums to play its role in the effective and optimal manner in protecting investors and investments.

They also discussed the importance of the responsibilities of the members of the system, which will make the relations between companies, businessmen and investors fully secure in addition to their important role in activating the system to reach the highest levels within international political and economic events.

The meeting was attended by:

. Mr. Sabuhhi Attar, President, Turkey.

. Mr. Sadat Kotlo, Vice-President, Turkey.

. Mr. Ali Al – Muhanna, Office of Lawyer Ali Al – Muhanna, Palestine.

. Ms. Souad Ismail, SOUAL Office of the International Legal for Legal and Commercial Consultancy, Turkey.

. Mr. Issam Aboud,  Office of Lawyer Issam Aboud, Syria.

. Mr. Mohamed Abu Lababah Al – Masmoudi, Al – Masmoudi Law Office & Consultancy, Tunis.

. Mr. Mohammed Al – Amin bin Abdullah, Office of Lawyer Mohammed Al – Amin bin Abdullah, Algeria.

. Mr. Abdelwahab Al – Rubaie, Abdelwahab Al – Rubaie Lawyer Office, Tunisia.

. Mr. Hani Zahida, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dar Al-Lawi, Jordan.

. Mr. Meshary Al Enezi, Meshary Al Enezi Law Office, Kuwait.

. Mr. Omar Hussain Ahmed Al – Mazouri, Omar Hussein Baidawi Lawyer Office, Iraq.

. Mr. Hisham Hanbouli, Hisham Hanbouli International Law Center, Saudi Arabia.

. Professor Lamia Sabri, Lama Sabry Law Office Mabdi, Egypt.

. Mr. Orhan Gundus. Orhan Gunduz Office of Lawyer, Turkey.

. Mr. Fadi Yazji, Supervisor of International Relations in of Turkish-Arab Countries Business Association Group, Turkey.

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