Chambers of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture emphasizes the importance of continuity of the meeting to support common business

On the 13th Turkish-Arab Economic Cooperation Summit, which was held from 23rd to 26th of April 2019 in Istanbul, a special meeting was held for the directors and representatives of chambers of commerce, industry and agriculture in Turkey and Arab countries.

During the meeting, they stated the importance of activating the common cooperation between Turkey and Arab countries. The attendees emphasized the necessity of raising the outputs of this meeting to the officials and the decision-makers in order to carry out effective measures to increase the pace of Turkish-Arab trade exchange, stressing the importance of benefiting from Turkey’s economic and industrial development and its regional and global superiority. However, the purpose focuses not only economic and industrial interests, but customs, traditions, culture and common history.

The meeting was attended by:

  • Mr. Subuhi Attar, Chairman of the Turkish-Arab Countries Business Association in Turkey.
  • Mr. Murad Kernez, Ambassador of the Turkish Republic in Jordan (Turkey).
  • Mr. Nael Al-Kabariti, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jordan Chamber of Commerce (Jordan).
  • Mr. Tarek El-Sherif, President of the Tunisian National Institutions Federation (Tunisia).
  • Mr. Sharif Shaker Al Harthy, Chairman of the National Committee for Nutrition and Welfare in the Council of Saudi Chambers (Saudi).
  • Mr. Abdul Azim Turkistani, Vice Chairman of the Commercial Committee in the Council of Saudi Chambers (Saudi).
  • Mr. Hani Abu Hassan, Vice Chairman of Jordan Chamber of Industry and Chairman of Irbid Chamber of Industry (Jordan).
  • Mr. Mohammed Al-Shouha, Chairman of the Board of Irbid Chamber of Commerce (Jordan).
  • Professor Duraid Osman Al-Ghurairi, Chairman of the Iraqi-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Iraq).
  • Mr. Hamouch Boushti, Vice President of Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services Fes, Meknes (Morocco).
  • Mr. Saqi al-Bashir, Vice-President of Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services Rabat, Salé, Kenitra ( Morocco).
  • Mr. Abdullah Falah, Chairman of the Council of Libyan Business Owners. (Libya)
  • Mr. Alaa Al-Nouri, Head of Investment and International Relations, Baghdad Chamber of Commerce. (Iraq).
  • Mr. Jamil Warikat, Member of the Board of Directors of Zarqa Chamber of Industry. (Jordan).
  • Mr. Nashat Azzouz, Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tunis (Tunisia).

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