Meeting of investors in the 13th Turkish-Arab Economic Cooperation Summit in Istanbul

The 13th Turkish-Arab Economic Cooperation Summit took place in Istanbul. The summit was attended by 1500 Arab businessmen from 20 Arab countries as well as more than 200 Turkish companies.

The exhibition was held in Pullman Convention Center in the Bahçelievler side. The opening ceremony was attended by a large number of Turkish and Arab officials, including Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Turkey, Chairman of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Undersecretary of the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Economic Affairs, the Chairman of the Jordan Chamber of Commerce, and a large number of ambassadors of Arab countries in Turkey, as well as the ambassadors of Turkey in the Arab countries.

“We hope that our trade with the Arab countries will reach a better level”

In the speech of Mr. Şekib Avdagiç, the Chairman of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce: “We aim to create various opportunities for economic, commercial and industrial exchange with Arab investors”. As Turkey is aiming to expand trade, import and export and expand foreign trade with Arab countries, our government has a clear approach in this regard, and we as business representatives want to develop trade in Turkey as well as the quality of the Turkish businessmen and Arab investors. We also take great care of these exhibitions, we hope that our trade with the Arab countries will reach a better level.

“Buying Arab products is very important for the Turks”

In an interview with the head of the Turkish-Arab Countries Business Association, Mr. Sabuhi Attar, stated that the Arab markets are very important for the Turks.

“We are always recommend all Arab businessmen to come to Turkey and we organize meetings, exhibitions, and bilateral meetings. This forum includes three specialized exhibitions for food’s technology, agriculture and agro-industrial technology, and hotel equipment.” Turkey’s production of high quality goods is very important for Arab investors and the Arab market”. Also, he mentioned that adding high quality and Halal goods are very important for the Arab markets. Thus, Arab products are very important for the Turkish market.

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