The meeting of 1500 businessmen from 22 Arab country with 200 Turkish companies in the 12th Turkish-Arab Economic Cooperation Summit in Istanbul.

We can Transfer Turkish Technology to Arab Countries:

The Turkish-Arab Countries Business Association (TÜRAP) organized the Turkish-Arab Economic Summit for Real Estate Construction and Investment in Istanbul on 20-22 November 2018. The president of the Turkish-Arab Business Association, Mr. Sabouhi Atar stated in the opening of the summit that: “Technology is one of the most important point for the Arab investors, so we are taking Turkish technology to the Arab countries and through it we can improve Turkish-Arab economic relations.”

The summit was opened at the Pullman Conference Center, where Arab businessmen and investors met with Turkish construction companies and real estate developers in Turkey. The continuity and effective communication was emphasized. The president of   (TÜRAP) Mr. Sabouhi Attar stated that “In the previous forum, The Turkish-Arab Countries Business Association (TÜRAP) has an important role for Turkish companies and Arab businessmen who want to purchase real estate in Turkey.” Also, the president confirmed that TÜRAP also directed Turkish investors to invest in Arab countries and provides the necessary information and support.

We are waiting for a Large Amount of Sales:  

Sabouhi Attar said that more than 1500 Arab investors from 20 Arab countries and 200 Turkish companies are expected to participate in the summit. Our aim is to provide support and opportunities between Turkey and the Arab countries and increase cooperation to support the Turkish-Arab economy to achieve greater prosperity. And we expect a significant increase in the economic exchange which will be available during the forum.

Our Business will continue During the Year:

The president Sabouhi Attar said that our association is responsible of all necessary studies and that we will continue to support not only these two-day event, but will support business relations and transactions throughout the year between Turkish and Arabs.

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